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The Chiastic structure of T’ruma, T’tzawweh, Ki Thissa, and Wayaqwheil-P’qudei, and the Sub-Chiastic structure of Ki Thissa

February 19, 2014

I Corresponds to VI, II to V, and III to IV.

I. The command to make the Tabernacle and the priests’ vestments. (Exodus 25-30)

II. The appointment of Bezalel and Oholiav and the rest of the artisans. (31:1-11)

 III. Reminder to keep the Sabbath despite the command to construct the Tabernacle. (31:12-18)

 {The Golden Calf and its aftermath. (32-34) A to H, B to G, C to F, D to E.

 A. After spending 40 days and nights on Mt. Sinai, Moses receives the Tablets. The people, apprehensive about his extended absence, seek to replace him. They sin. Moses implores God not to destroy them, and wins. (32:1-14)

B. Moses descends the mount, punishes the sinners, and finds out that God, as it were, intends to distance Himself from the people. (32:15-35)

C. God explains the form of distancing: His emissary shall lead them unto Canaan, and the people are to shed their ornaments as a sign of mourning. Moses, as a a sign of God’s displeasure, makes his headquarters beyond the camp. (In the language of the Bible, a divine divorce.) (33:1-11)

D. Moses begs God to reconsider. (33:12-16)

E. God consents.(33:17-23)

F. Moses ascends the mount a second time, and achieves complete forgiveness for the people. (A divine reconciliation) (34:1-10)

G. God shows Moses how to deal with the people God’s way, mercifully, and restates the commandments that will ensure they not make the errors that led them to sin originally. (34:11-26)

H. After spending 40 days on Mt. Sinai, Moses receives the tablets. The people, apprehensive about his return, are awed by the physical manifestation of his divine ordination, and accept him. Moses brings them the tokens of God’s forgiveness and proceeds to instruct as to how to create a place where they can approach the divine presence. (34:27-35; 35 and on)}

 IV. Reminder to keep the Sabbath. (35:1-3)

 V. Moses charges Bezalel, Oholiav, the artisans and the people to build the tabernacle. (35:4-35, 36:1-8)

 VI. The Israelites build the tabernacle. (36:9-38; 37-40)


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