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The Protest/Prayer Gathering/Kiddush Hashem/Hillul Hashem, and the Shaken Faith of the Kuzari.

March 9, 2014

The Kuzari’s argument for the veracity of Torah Min Hashamayim, the divine origin of the Torah, goes some thing like this: The Torah was given to the entirety of the Jewish people in an epic public setting. Such a an event could not have been staged, nor would countless generations of Jews accept the claim that such a thing happened if it were not the truth as passed down from that first generation. Maimonides makes a similar point in the Guide. There are some arguments against this, and personally, this has never been the argument that does it for me. The God of History argument, also espoused by the Kuzari (“I am the Lord thy God Who took thee out of Egypt” as opposed to “Who hast created the heavens and the earth”), has always hit closer to home.

Last week’s events have strengthened my doubts about the first argument. Here we witnessed many hundreds of thousands of loyal Jewish men stand up and declare their belief in many untruths. So many, I do not know where to begin. 


Two men wake up in the morning. Both feel a form of religious inspiration, and want to do something to bring themselves closer to God. One resolves to behave in a moral and ethical manner and perform random acts of kindness, and the other decides to dress funny. 


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