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Your Gedolim Are Bigger Than Mine?

March 10, 2014

i mean this about no one in particular. Attempts to identify living examples today are entirely those of the reader.

Some of you who may be following your leaders blindly, and maybe even blasting others for not doing likewise, because they are “the Gedolim”, should consider the following:

1. Perhaps your disputants are following theirs. If you claim that they are not Gedolim, it is just because they are more humble than yours. 

2. Korach, Dathan, Abiram, the Spies, Doeg, and Jeroboam were all also Gedolim. Way bigger than yours. Many of the greatest tragedies in our history were brought about by obedience to such misguided Gedolim. W’hameivin yavin.


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