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Jonathan Pollard and American Blackmail II: The Institutional Anti-Semitism of the State Department

April 7, 2014

Dovbear claimed that many were reflexively opposed to the possible release of Jonathan Pollard in exchange for tons of murderous human refuse only because it would be coming from the Obama administration. He is mistaken. They would be opposed for the combined reason that Justice and Fairness demand that Pollard be released unconditionally, and that it is supremely wrong to set convicted murderers free. Combining the two makes matters worse. Feiglin says that Pollard himself has always been opposed to potentially releasing dreck in order to secure his own release. Once again, let us apply the Superfluous-Mitzwa Principle. Hazal instructed us not to give in to exorbitant demands in order to secure the release of Jewish captives. Now, most normal societies and nations know not to do such a thing, so why would Hazal need to institute a specific enactment against such a thing? Rather, it is because Jews are so compassionate that they might (and we see that they always do) feel obligated to do all they can to secure the return of the captives. Remember the Gilad Schalit fiasco, and all of those compassionate Jews who demanded of the Israeli Government and Prime Minister, mind you, and not from his captors, to rescue Gilad Schalit at any cost, as long as did not involve the obvious avenue of action of striking at the bad guys?

With regards to the president, I, surprisingly, do not have such a low opinion of the man or his policies. As Dovbear and Avi Shafran point out, he’s not bad, considering. I have always believed that because he identifies as a card-carrying liberal, Obama’s policies vis a vis Israel would be informed by his leftist counterparts within Israel. There is no policy that he has practiced or espoused that is not  standard of the mainstream Israeli left. If our left were more to the right, then his own plicies would reflect that.

Now, let us point to three critical indications of Institutional Antisemitism within the American halls of Government.

1. The Pollard Case. Being that mainstream politicians of both parties have aknowledged the injustice of his contiued incarceration, we should ask, “then who or what is keeping him there?” The answer is the State Department, which does not really change its old guard even with the changing presidential administrations. They have their (Arab and OIL) interests, and Israel and the Jews are not among them.

2. The Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. Same story. Everyone knows it is, and presidential candidates acknowledged that the Government should recognize it as such, but the State department holds a check on it. For years now, children born at Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center in Pre-1967 Israeli Jerusalem have been declared born without a state by the State department, in contradiction to reality and the will of the American people.

3. By extension, the American consulate in Jerusalem’s, not embassy’s, relationship toward Israel and the Israelis. Despite the fact that it is located in a new, Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem, its website and facebook page scream that it serves the Arab state of Palestine. And, in what must be the most bizzarre security arrangement in all of Israel and in all American consular missions abroad, the place specifically employs armed Arab guards to screen Jewish, Israeli, and American visitors to the place. W’hameivin Yavin.


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