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A Response to Leon Wieseltier and Dovbear

May 8, 2014

They are basically correct, but the problem is that everyone has to draw a line. I am not comparing J Street to say, the KKK or the Nazi Party, but we would all agree that they would not be considered pro-Jewish or pro-Israel Correct? Good. Now, think about moving away from those streams, and begin to decide where to draw the line that demarcates the streams that are pro. There is room for Jewish movements that believe in the two state solution (sic), etc. BUT, as has alarmed many, J Street seems to advocate the enemy position. Not the left side. The Enemy side. Like the Orwellians they are, they take away any and all meaning from “being pro-Israel.”  Maybe that’s just a delusion, but that’s the way the rejectors see it. And that’s the way I many others happen to see it. Dovweasel (remember him?) was by that logic pro-Dovbear, and the prosecutor in a capital punishment case is pro the defendant.


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