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Jew Against Jew? That’s Nothing New – Part 2

May 11, 2014

Continuing this, you have to consider that no one is ever aware of his evilness. Sinister villainslkke Dr. Evil only exist in movies. Everyone, even Hitler and mobster, thinks that he is doing the right thing. Benedict Arnold thought he was doing the right thing for his people when he defected to the British side. The various m’shummadim in the middle ages and later, like Cardinal Lustiger and his nonsense about how converting to Catholicism completed him as a Jew and the Judenrat collaborators claiming to act prudently on behalf their brethren. There has always been variety within the Jewish communal discussion, and there has always been those Jews who cross the line and siding with the Anti-Jewish position. J Street is just the most recent group of Jews to have done that.

If J street is “pro-Israel” by taking the position the Arabs want to impose on Israel, then by that  logic, Bennet and Feiglin are pro-Arab. Actually, that is even more sensible, because that which Bennet and Feiglin would impose on the Arabs might not be what the Arabs want, but it will still ensure their health, safety, and human rights, whereas if the Israelis were to let the J Streeters and Livni have their way, they would then be at the mercy of the Arabs, who everyone knows would happy to ethnically cleanse as much of the Land of Israel as possible of Jews, and at any human toll.

And, while we are speaking of Jews who believe that it is the best interest of the Jewish People to adopt the positions of their sworn enemies, we have those who are made delirious by the Price Tag “attacks”. They should be called acts of vandalism. Graffiti is usually vandalism, and attacks are committed against living people. Everyone suspects “right wing extremists,” “settlers” and “hilltop youths,” etc. Of course can name even a single one of them, because they have yet to find any that fit the bill. Unlike acts of murder committed against living jews, what used to rightfully be called terror, no one has claimed responsibility for or confessed to these crimes. There is no decent proof that settlers or the like have been doing these things, although there are strong motives. And this is hilarious. They claim they can’t catch the perps because alleged Jewish criminal youths are much more honorable than Arab murderers. Hello! Did these masters detectives that there are no informants because they aint up to no good? Who are they gonna snitch on? I do not deny that who ever is behind might be a settler or whatever. But how many? Two? Three? And what if is not a proud Jew, but someone trying to make it look like it is?  How many people in the country does it take to spray paint a car overnight? And then you wake up to the brilliant Amos Oz, declare that graffitti hooligans, who may or may not be the people he thinks they are, are Neo-Nazis. This fits well with what I wrote earlier about how the Left has a need to find and crucify the great Jewish terrorist. Keep looking. The same kind and compassionate Jewish nature that causes a disproportionate number of our brethren to adopt ultraliberal creeds and side with our enemies is the very nature that makes Jews averse to vandalism, let alone bloodshed.


The best and most moral nation on the earth, taken as a whole, is the State of Israel, and that is due to all its people, including the left, and the cream of the Jewish people, the Jews who are committed to the Torah and exemplify the path of the patriarchs, prophets, and sages, are the inhabitants of Judea and Samaria. The settlements, by any measure, have the lowest crime rates in the world, are the most peaceful, the friendliest, the most educated, knowledgeable of the Torah, most populated by idealism, and full of synagogues and battei midrash, which only serve to increase all of the above. If you don’t believe me, then you have to come and visit.


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