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Antisemitism Keeps Up With The Pace of Technology

July 2, 2014

Thanks to the advent of the internet and instantaneous sharing of information, our enemies have managed to use all the classical methods of antisemitic tactics in record time.

First they murdered Jews discreetly.

Then they killed each other, and realized they could use the corpses for a modern-day blood libel.

Then they staged pogroms.

Then their heads used all of the ruckus to attack the State of Israel.

Meanwhile, a few horrifying bits of irony to digest:

1. Yariv Oppenheimer, the sworn enemy of his own people and the European-funded advocate of ethnic cleansing, has called for keeping politics out of the discussion concerning the three most recent victims of Arab terror. Yariv, is it perhaps because the very existence of continuing Arab violence refutes your ideological positions and prescriptions for Israel’s national policy?

2. Shelly Yachimovich, former head of the Labor Party and the Opposition, can be heard blabbing in the background of the murder tape about how proud religious Jews are somehow a threat to the State and the People of Israel. If only hypocrites like her, and Lapid, and Livni were to actually use their positions of prominence and influence to stop trying to get Jews to fight against each other, and instead make it clear to their “center-left” constituents that the real problem within Israel is, in one word, Arabs.


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