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Q&A Postscript: Keeping Yom Tov II In Israel

October 20, 2014

Question: The rabbi told us that because we would be keeping two days of Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah, we should all make an eruv tavshilin on Wednesday, Hoshana Rabba. Is that what most rabbis say?

Answer: Yes. The question of whether it should be done is a direct consequence of observing Yom Tov II in Israel, where none of the natives have the question because they are all keeping Yom Tov on Thursday and not on Friday. However, the strangeness of the fact that everyone else can prepare for the Sabbath as though Friday were a complete weekday while those visitors can not, and the complete lack of any such practice or related issues in the halachic literature before the modern era, are further factors led many authorities to believe that visitors to Israel do not observe Yom Tov II at all.

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