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Parasha Note: Mishpatim

February 16, 2015

Question: Why after, the initial revelation at Sinai, was only Moses invited up on Mt. Sinai and made to leave the people waiting for 40 days? What were they supposed to do during that Time?

Answer: See this post from Dovbear about the order of events leading up to and after the revelation at. I only saw it after I had given  the shiur on shabbos about the order of events as presented by those commentators, and then see Nahmanides’s first comments to Parashath T’ruma.

Here is the answer as it appears to me: God had originally intended that every member of the Jewish people receive the Torah directly, but they had appealed to Moses that he instead act as as their intermediary, so, after the invocation of the covenant, only Moses was invited to hear the rest of the message. And, because the people needed it, the first thing concerning which he was commanded when he ascended the mount was the plan for building a place for receiving divine inspiration.


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