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The Wickedness of Yariv Oppenheimer

April 20, 2015

A couple of outlets recently carried the story of Yariv Oppenheimer, CEO of Peace Now, the corporate body that uses foreign funds to do all it can to ethnically cleanse parts of the Land of Israel of the people of Israel. They were mostly focusing on how, despite his genocidal politics and crusade to destroy Jewish towns, he still fulfilled his civic duty to serve as a reserve soldier at such a place this past Sabbath. What they did not note was his criminal intentions. Here’s a translation of what he wrote:

את השבת עשיתי במאחז בשומרון, זאת חובתי האזרחית. רוצה להאמין שכשהפקודה תשתנה מאבטחה לפינוי, חבריי בימין ינהגו כמוני.

I spent this Sabbath at an outpost in Samaria, it is my civic duty. I would want to believe that when the order changes from securing [the area] to evacuating, my friends on the right would behave like me.

Eichmann could not have articulated it better.

Yariv, while obeying orders is very important for a soldier, there is a world of difference when a soldier follows moral orders to protect his land and his people, and when a soldier follows immoral orders to turn against his people, his land, and/or the innocent. Also, how do you know that the orders are to change one day? More so, why are you seemingly looking forward to that?


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