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It is Completely Forbidden for a Loyal Jew to Prepare For Tish’a B’av In Any Way

June 14, 2015

At least in my opinion. And of course, if, God forbid, it must be observed again this year, then when the time comes, the relevant laws should be studied, and it is meritorious to study the laws pertaining to the fast days and their nature as days of repentance. The Jewish practice has always been to dedicate days for fasting and repentance whenever troubles abound, and those are instituted on a per-need basis. However, it is the ultimate act of faithlessness to begin to prepare for the day that marks the destruction of the Temple and the fact that we have neglected to rebuild it. Doing so is an indictment of the community that continually refuses to try to do anything concrete to rectify the situation.

Starting now, I am calling on all of those who look forward to the redemption to begin the organized study of Massecheth Middoth and the Laws of the Temple. Instead of spending the thirty days before the 9th of Av preparing to mourn and studying the laws thereof, we should learn how to rebuild the Temple as per the Halacha, and God willing, a critical mass of us will be eager to actually put our knowledge in to practice.


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  1. Very well stated!

    Of course, those who do study the actually halakhoth of Tisha b’Av, would only have to take a couple hours at most, and that’s with meforashim. It’s all the ma’asehs and inyanim and humroth which consume a lot of time. 😉

    Let me also just take an opportunity to bash the custom of some to wear shabby clothes on this coming 9 b’Av which falls on Shabbath, the fast being postponed to 10 b’Av. Do they also lessen the level of food, song, and fun on Shabbath, too?

    IMO, this is bizui Shabbath. I hope I don’t see anyone do this this year.

    But, like you said, maybe we will not have to fast this year. 🙂

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