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A Calendar Without Tish’a B’av

June 18, 2015

(Began here.)

As part of getting prepared for eliminating the observance of the destruction of the Temple, and in its place, celebrating the rebuilding of the Temple, the calendars have to be corrected. Instead of two Sundays in the middle of this summer being marked as fast days, they should be noted as intended days of celebration. Of course, if nothing improves, God forbid, by the time the 18th of Tammuz rolls around, it will be a fast day as it was unfortunately in years past, but there is still much time for that to be avoided. Similarly, Shabbath Hazon needs to be removed from the calendar. The particular haftara for Parashath D’varim, known as Hazon, and the two that precede it are specifically read for the three sabbaths that take place between the two classic fast days, but are only so assuming the fast days will happen. Those three readings, known in Rabbinic as T’latha D’fur’anutha, “the Three of Tribulation,” have no direct link to the weekly Torah portions they accompany, and as Maimonides notes, Jewish tradition actually has three readings from the prophets that are reminiscent of the Torah readings. He says that the same also exists for the subsequent seven weeks, but as those are “good” haftaroth, the faithful can and should continue reciting them.

The following are the actual, traditional haftaroth for (Pin’has,) Mattoth, Mas’ei, and D’varim that we shall read this year and every year henceforth:

1. “And Moses gave to the Children of the tribe of Reuben…” from Joshua 13:15-14-:5.

2. “These are the portions…” from Joshua 19:51-21:3.

3. “And theses are the matters that the Lord spoke unto Israel and Judah…” from Jeremiah 30:4-22. This selection is, ironically, similar to seven haftaroth of the subsequent weeks.


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