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A Comment on the Anniversasry of the Bombing of Hiroshima

August 6, 2015

At the time, the bombing was necessary for the allied war effort, to finally stop the Japanese evil that had joined with Nazi Germany in a quest to conquer the world and destroy the Jewish people. It was the right and moral decision. It saved the lives of countless good guys. And it punished the bad guys. All the talk about how tragic it was, etc. is just the evil inclination attempting to destroy our moral clarity, and the only sad aspect of the whole matter was that the bomb was not ready for use on Germany a few years earlier.


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  1. kalman permalink

    Spend half an hour on some revisionist history of the event, by searching, then, when you know the facts, the true motivations, etc. tell us if your mind has changed.

    • I actually was responding to articles such as that appy guy’s on that website! and come to think of it, in the meantime i saw even sillier arguments, such like that of george shephard, who claimed that truman, et al. should just have threatened japan with an offshore demonstration of the bomb’s capabilities. He says the japanese would have gotten the message and surrendered. That argument is refuted by the fact that even when the bomb was actually used against them and vaporized one of their cites, they still refused to surrender. If it took japan two nukings to get the message, why do we think winning the war any other way would have been simple for the americans? no number of enemy casualties can justify the death of even one american. I pray that the commanders of any army that protects me know that not a single soldier’s life should be battered in order to be humane to other side…
      I also think it is important to point out the uncertainty factor: truman, etc. did not know how far the japanese and russians (and for a time, the germans) had come along to making their own nukes. Consider, the germans were hampered in this regard mainly because of their persecution of the jews, but they could have gotten it first, and then… and the russians caught up quite quickly. what would have been had they gotten it first? And do you think the japanese would have been humane to anybody else if they had it first? Come on! we should celebrate that the a-bomb was first developed by the americans, and used by one of the last presidents who actually had his morals in the right place, and it was all done before the japanese or russians could surprise the world with their nuclear weapons….

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