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משה רבנו כדמותו ההפכית של יוסף הצדיק

לקובץ להדפסה לחץ כאן     מהי המשמעות של הניגוד המרומז ומפורט של התורה על חיי משה ויוסף? הנביאים הרבו להשתמש באישיויות מנוגדות כדי להוציא לקחים, כמו שכל המלכים נשפטים בהשוואה עם דוד המלך, הדגם של מלך טוב, או עם ירבעם בן נבט, המחטיא העיקרי. הניגוד כאן עולה כי מטרתו של משה היתה להפוך את … Continue reading

Moses as the Opposite of Joseph, Part 2

(Part 1 here.) What is the significance of the Torah’s implicit and detailed contrast of the lives of Moses and Joseph? The Bible often uses contrasting personalities in order to bring out lessons, most clearly by contrasting all of the kings mentioned in the book of Kings with the model of David, who is the star … Continue reading

Moses as the Opposite of Joseph, Part 1

See this post by Slifkin. I would add: * Genesis closes with Joseph foretelling the redemption; Exodus opens with Moses heralding the redemption. * Joseph, identified as a Hebrew, is known throughout as Joseph, the name given to him by his Hebrew mother, and despite the fact that the Egyptians gave him a new name; … Continue reading

Joseph Climbs the Ladder

Just some notes about understanding what happened to Joseph. 1. Before meeting Pharaoh, Joseph personally served the chief slaughterer, the chief baker, and the chief wine-guy of Egypt. Thus, he had appropriate training regarding the national supply of bread, wine, and meat which would serve him well. 2. See the following passage: 37 And the … Continue reading