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The Oral Torah is the Living Torah

Laws of Mamrim. 1:1: The Supreme Sanhedrin in Jerusalem is the essence of the Oral Law. They are the pillars of instruction from whom statutes and judgments issue forth for the entire Jewish people. Concerning them, the Torah promises Deuteronomy 17:11: “You shall do according to the laws which they shall instruct you….” This is … Continue reading

The Bright Ideological Future

A Historical Joke by Rabbi Amichai Gordin, Yeshivat Har Etzion and Shaalvim High School At the end of the Six Day War, Ephraim Kishon and Katriel Gorodish (using his regular penname “Dosh”) published a book of cartoons and satire. The last cartoon in the book, which is called “Excuse Us for Winning,” was a very … Continue reading

Evolution Does Not Bother Me Either

Teaching an Advanced Placement Biology course is possibly one of the more fun endeavors I have tried in recent years. Last week we started learning about Darwin and Evolutionary Theory, and I introduced the material with the section from Maimonides I posted earlier. Then, I pointed out that as we have seen, the evolution discussed … Continue reading

Exposition of Genesis, Part 1

Exposition of Genesis, Part 1

Some ideas that are important for adults to keep in mind when they begin the new year’s Torah-reading cycle: The first chapter does not describe natural history, as per the tradition of Hazal (“creation in thought” as opposed to “creation in practice”), Rashi, Maimonides, Nahmanides and others, although the aforementioned Rishonim each had his own … Continue reading