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Another Modern-Day Purim Tragedy

Another Modern-Day Purim Tragedy

Continuing with the idea of the relevance of Rupture and Reconstruction 20 years later, some years ago I wrote about this, which discusses phenomena symptomatic of our modern proclivities to monstrous stringency. Every year has its novelty. The incidental differences in halachic practice that developed in the Diaspora were inevitable; the question before us today … Continue reading

Rupture and Reconstruction Two Decades Later

Rupture and Reconstruction Two Decades Later

Someone advertised the following as the topics for a recent halachic lecture: My Sephardi friend won’t go with me to the restaurant, even with a good hechsher. He said it’s only for Ashkenazim. Is there a real halachic problem, or is it discrimination? Can a Sephardi buy Shwarma if a non-Jew is behind the counter? … Continue reading

The Bright Ideological Future

A Historical Joke by Rabbi Amichai Gordin, Yeshivat Har Etzion and Shaalvim High School At the end of the Six Day War, Ephraim Kishon and Katriel Gorodish (using his regular penname “Dosh”) published a book of cartoons and satire. The last cartoon in the book, which is called “Excuse Us for Winning,” was a very … Continue reading

Q&A: Heretical Movements?

Question: How do you know when a new movement, I guess within Judaism, is moving beyond mainstream Judaism, to the outside? Answer: There is no way for me to know such a thing, nor is there a way for anyone, for that matter, to know. Even Maimonides, when defining the assorted heresies of the Christians, … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Kosher Switch

1. For obvious reasons, you can not find the halachoth of switches and electricity in the classical codes. Electricity only became a household item a little more than a century ago, depending upon where you lived, and despite the many halachic authorities who did not see electricity as a sabbath-problem in and of itself, it … Continue reading

The Wickedness of Yariv Oppenheimer

A couple of outlets recently carried the story of Yariv Oppenheimer, CEO of Peace Now, the corporate body that uses foreign funds to do all it can to ethnically cleanse parts of the Land of Israel of the people of Israel. They were mostly focusing on how, despite his genocidal politics and crusade to destroy … Continue reading

Israeli Election Predictions

For those who asked, it is permissible to vote for any party that is neither leftists nor Haredite. This leaves Likud, Jewish Home, or Yahad. I recommend Jewish Home because its current chairman actually espouses a policy of national leadership, and because the party is to Likud’s right. Yahad is indeed more right wing, but … Continue reading