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Q&A: Eating and Drinking before Kiddush

Q&A: Eating and Drinking before Kiddush

Question: I heard that as a woman, I can eat on shabbat morning without having davvened and without having heard kiddush. is that true? Short Answer: No. You should somehow hear or recite kiddush before eating, and ideally, pray before doing so. Long Answer: There is a common misconception that anyone may eat before the … Continue reading

Q&A: Jewish Names

Q&A: Jewish Names

Question: The other day, I heard a lecture about how parents are not allowed to give children non-Jewish names. What’s that all about? Answer: I am hard-pressed to find a definition of such a thing. What makes a name particularly Jewish or not? Question: Perhaps a name that is not Hebrew or not in the … Continue reading

Q&A: Who Donates The Kidney?

Question: We recently got the news that my father needs a kidney transplant. My brothers and I are all potential donors. Does halacha have anything to say about who should be the one? Answer: I would like to thank you for the question, but I would like to first issue a disclaimer: the doctors have … Continue reading

Q&A: Prozbol

I was surprised that this year I signed so many prozbol documents for my neighbors. I did not sign any what so ever last time sh’mitta came to an end. The following questions were addressed at our minyan as the Rosh Hashana holiday started and have been translated from the Hebrew. Question: Why would someone … Continue reading

Q&A: Consoling Mourners on the Sabbath

Question: May I go on shabbat to visit a neighbor who’s sitting shiva? I work during the week and don’t have any other time to go. Answer: Yes. Although there are varying practices about specifically not visiting mourners on the Sabbath, they do not  apply to you, and you should not let the custom prevent you … Continue reading

Parashath Zachor: Remember What, Exactly? Part 3

(part 1, part 2) The sages identify Haman and his sons with some of the villains mentioned in Ezra who sought to stop the reconstruction of the Temple (Ezra 4:4-6) Then the people of the land weakened the hands of the people of Judah, and harried them while they were building, and hired counsellors against them, … Continue reading