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An Atheist Is, Unfortunately, An Atheist

The title is a paraphrase of something Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik once said concerning an appiqorus, a word that once upon a time meant an Epicurean but came to be a general term for heretic in the post-Talmuidc Rabbinic literature. He was referring to those Jews who were honest and sincere believers in God and practitioners … Continue reading

Why Afikoman Instead of Pesah?

Why Afikoman Instead of Pesah?

(Hebrew version) Lately I have been troubled by the lack of the korban pesah at the seder. The centerpiece mitzwa of the holiday is missing, and its absence has left an indelible mark on the the entire corpus of ritual that is supposed to take place. Last week, as I began preparing for Passover on … Continue reading

Post-Passover Thoughts

This is a passage from the first day’s haftara (Joshua 5:4-6): And these are the ones whom Joshua circumcised: all the people who came forth (hayotzei) out of Egypt, that were males, even all the men of war, died in the wilderness by the way, after they came forth out of Egypt (b’ tzeitham mimitzrayim). For … Continue reading

Q&A: Sh’lah and Modern-Day Spies

Question: How did the sages know that “settling the land of Israel is the equivalent of all the commandments of the Torah.” (Sifrei to Parashath R’eh, 80) What does that even mean? Question: How could you claim so rudely that certain gedolim of the past and present “are wrong” in their views concerning religious Zionism … Continue reading

The Right Type Of Wall Around Jerusalem

First, a disclaimer: Naftali Bennet is a politician, making his motives and actions automatically suspect, although he has yet to actually do anything that can be construed as evil. In the news today, he discusses his ideas concerning peace through mutual economic opportunity and his dislike of the security wall created by Sharon to seperate … Continue reading

Nisan, Iyar, and the Redemption

Rosh Hashana 10b-11a: Rabbi Eliezer says, “In Tishri the world was created; in Tishri the Patriarchs were born; in Tishri the Patriarchs died; on Passover Isaac was born; on New Year Sarah, Rachel and Hannah were recalled; on New Year, Joseph went forth from prison; on New Year the bondage of our ancestors in Egypt … Continue reading