Heichal Avodath Hashem
Written by: Rabbi Avraham Shalom Shaki
Written & Translated by: Rabbi Avi Grossman.

Click here to download PDF book

The following contains a translation of a section of a work titled Heichal ‘Avodath Hashem, a book about the laws pertaining to prayer and the synagogue. I chose this section because I have wanted, for some time now, to write a book that would explain how to pronounce Hebrew properly during prayer, as per the ruling of the Shulhan ‘Arukh in Orah Hayim 53 and 61, but Rabbi Avraham Shalom Shaki, the author, apparently wanted to do the same, and beat me to it (in Hebrew) by a few decades, although his book did not become famous… I chose to write this so that I could share this information with those who would be interested to know the truth and those who may want to discuss these matters further. My goal is not only to present the varying traditions, but also to attempt to prove why certain traditions may in fact be closer to the truth than others.

Please feel free to contact me with comments and questions.

Click here to download PDF book


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